How Do You Prove An Emotional Abusive Behaviour?

It's not easy when guilt and shame are strongly embedded in your mind, but with the right support of someone who knows EXACTLY what you're going through, it can be manageable and less devastating.

Happiness Is Like Trust

If you feel like you can't trust someone, there's no point in giving them tests to prove you're right.

If you feel unhappy, no point in staying where you are to prove you're right.

You Are Being Invited To Be The Light

Be willing to respect those with more wisdom and experience than you have, but also be willing to TRUST what YOU feel to be right within. Shine the light you were born to share.

Knowing You Deserve Better Gives You A Clear Choice To Ma...

Instead of trying to fix things that cannot be fixed, understand that there is a reason why those things got broken in the first place.

I Love My Sleep

When you're not occupying your thoughts with non-loving self talk - you're allowing yourself to receive the flow of positive messages that are yours to receive.

Yes or No?

Both are powerful words. You can, and are encouraged, to use them both equally, without the need of explaining yourself.

Why Can't I Calm Down?

"Agrrrrrrr I'm so angry!!!!! Why can't I calm down??!?" Familiar thought? Anger is so important. Just before you are ready to let go of it, please know this- Anger is only a feeling.

One of My Favourite Cups

The cup of the amazing elephants and their wisdom of having a female to lead their way, staying together, support each other and have patient, strength and gentleness.

Things Might Not Go As You Planned Them

People might disappoint you at times or you might disappoint them. And the wind won't always blow to where you wanted it go to. So what???

You Always Had The Power

Those wounds you have in your heart? They will echo in the present of others and remind you what you're lack of, what is missing for you and why you're not enough.